Every WorldLegacy Leadership Team creates an extreme makeover project.  The project takes two days to complete.  Team members cannot spend any of their own money.  Seventy-five percent of the work is performed by volunteers.
Budgets usually exceed $30,000.

WorldLegacy has donated more than $3,792,174 in cash, contributions and labor through our Leadership Projects!


Sarah Hipp Heals Children in Rwanda

Sarah Hipp Heals Children in Rwanda

Sarah Hipp, a mild-mannered beautiful woman from America decided when she was 23 years old to travel to Rwanda and make a difference for the children and families there. Three years later Sarah became a graduate of WorldLegacy’s NC111 Leadership Program. Now at 33 years of age, her personal vision is alive as ever. She is in Rwanda again transforming lives and in total, over ten years, has visited Rwanda thirteen times.

Are you an Extreme Giver?

Everyone has the capacity for extreme giving, and the chorus of our voices can bring our hearts together and pave the way for global peace. Extreme givers are leaders who make what appears impossible, possible.  They operate without the need for agreement, approval, or even a well established game plan. They create possibility with anyone, at any time, under any circumstance.  They are resilient in the face of no agreement.

WorldLegacy supports people in creating extraordinary lives. Using experiential coaching technology, people can stand outside of the ordinary to achieve a quantum leap in results in their lives and in the domain of making an impact on this planet.