Abundant Clean Water: Malawi, Africa

WorldLegacy NC185 Leadership team’s vision is a world of love, peace, integrity, and equality. NC185 is committed to creating transformation in the world where every child grows up with respect, love, and access to education. NC185 is a team of people from all over the world and stand that we are a world community. NC185 chose to leave a legacy in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. This was the first WorldLegacy leadership project in Africa.

Fourteen individuals from all over the United States and abroad, created an extreme endeavor from January 11- January 19, 2021. They committed to funding the installation of one new well and the refurbishment of ten additional wells in a community in Malawi, Africa in only nine days. There were many potential obstacles including the fact that it was the rainy season in Malawi.

This ”Abundant Clean Water” project was meant to reduce the amount of time and labor required for families to fetch water. The work would provide employment for people in the community and increase opportunities for education, thus enhancing the quality of life and improving health in the community. These wells would allow children to attend school and have an adequate education instead of walking for miles and miles each day to fetch clean water.

WorldLegacy’s NC185 declared to provide a total of eleven clean water producing wells across multiple communities in Malawi. One well will be newly drilled and installed with “smart” technology. Ten existing and inoperable wells will be repaired and upgraded with “smart” technology. DOXA’s “smart” technology will allow remote monitoring of the wells via satellite for operational integrity and water use by their respective communities.

The team committed to raising $25,000 in five days, donate the money to You Turn Ministries, a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that would the immediately transmit the funds to DOXA Wells Holdings LLC in Malawi to manage the “smart” well installation and repair. You Turn Ministries has been in operation for 20 years and has donated funds for the drilling and repair of more than 70 wells in Malawi. A team of people in the local village of Malawi would perform the installation and repair of the wells. Before the team started the fundraising on January 8, 2021, both You Turn Ministries and Doxa Wells committed to the well installation.

Fundraising started on January 8, 2021. By the third day, the team exceeded their original goal of raising $25,000 and had raised $34,017! On January 11, 2021, a team of people from DOXA Wells, boarded an airplane in Chicago, heading to Malawi, carrying parts for the repairs and installation of smart pumps.

The team chose to be extraordinary and continued the fundraising. By day five, the team had raised $52,917. On January 19, 2021, all work was completed, and a ribbon cutting was held both in person and virtually on January 21, 2021. Over 50 people were in attendance celebrating this extreme project. The project had expanded from eleven wells to a total of 25 refurbished wells and two new wells! In addition, DOXA drilled one additional well. The Project Abundant Clean Water left a huge impact in Malawi and thousands of people now have access to clean water thanks to the WorldLegacy NC185 Team, DOXA Wells, You Turn Ministries, all the volunteers and the 289 people who donated money.
Budget: $85,000