Building a State of the Art Hospital in Botswana

Jane Arnold Botswana WorldLegacy

Building a State of the Art Hospital in Botswana

Two Extreme Givers that are WorldLegacy North Carolina Leadership Graduates: Jane Arnold, CNM and Julie Sweedler. They left cushy UNC to create a state-of-the-art hospital in a country where there is nothing like it. Jane is a Nurse Midwife and Julie is a health educator.

Jane Arnold went through WorldLegacy’s Basic, Advanced and NC90 Leadership Program. Her leadership team did an Extreme Makeover project at the Heritage of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC for elderly citizens.Jane Arnold was a member of the LP PHD program PhD8 and was a coach for WorldLegacy. Her PHD transformational experiential workshop was on midwifery.

Julie Sweedler also went through WorldLegacy’s Basic, Advanced and NC94 Leadership Program. Her team’s project was also for the elderly. Her team had an extreme makeover of an outdoor area at the Durham Center for Senior Life.

Now they are off to do an amazing Extreme Giving and Extreme Makeover in Botswana.
Julie Said: “We attended and Orientation with all the medical and administrative staff who are currently hired and here – about 1.40 people. The docs alone are represented by 20 different countries. We’re quite the little UN – all here to start what everyone agrees is a very ambitious, state-of-the-art hospital in a country and region that has seen nothing like what we’re creating. I’m very inspired by what we are attempting to do: provide an extremely advanced and exceptional set of medical services that don’t exist in the country and do it in the highest-tech environment possible. Some of the high-tech initiatives are: paperless record keeping, virtual consulting with an international medical advisory board, and being a test site for an electronic bedside quality assurance monitoring system.”