Carrboro Senior Living Center, Carrboro, NC

The NC76 WorldLegacy Leadership Team renovated and refurbished ten rooms by painting, adding new air conditioning units and installing new carpet and artwork. August 2005. On August 29, 2005 there was a a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the completion of this amazing project at the Carrboro Senior Living Center. After only a few weeks of planning, in one weekend NC76 improved the quality of life for current residents and welcomed additional residents into the facility.

Our vision was to provide the residents of the Center with the comforts of living in a clean, loving and home-like environment. What was amazing twas that in one weekend, we renovated an entire wing of the facility. Ten rooms of the facility were completely refurbished and updated with new carpet, paint, air conditioning units and artwork. In a weekend we created an extreme makeover and were joined with a group of extreme givers.

We enrolled businesses in donating supplies necessary in making the environment warm and welcoming. Many Assisted Living facilities are on a fixed-income budget leaving little room for building improvements. The residents can often feel segregated from the community due to age-related changes and specific disabilities.

I would like to share what we (NC76) created in the domain of the elderly during our service project. The project involved renovating one wing of an assisted living center. We had no idea how it was going to happen or look but if there is one thing that NC76 learned through our experiences during LP, it was that it is better to leap towards the goal than to plan every move and contingency.

The project spanned several states – ten brand new state -of-the- art air conditioners, donated from Wisconsin, a roll of new carpet from Georgia, and paint from North Carolina. In addition, consultant construction services, professional painters, food donation, and volunteer time were all essential to he services of the project.

Not only did we prevail in what many of us saw was a very daunting and overwhelming project during the first few hours of work, we created a space of love and respect
from squalor and depression for our senior citizens. The gratitude, disbelief, and interest in what we were doing from he residents were priceless.

Not only will our elders have a home where there is nowhere else o go, they are also able to personalize their rooms, including keeping their beloved pets. It is no he material touches so much as the personal touches that are important in life.
The name of he game was team, enrollment, and fun!
Diana, NC76
Making Love Happen