Central Children’s Home
Central Children’s Home is an orphanage that was established in 1883. It is the second oldest children’s home in NC and the oldest black orphanage in the US. In 2000, NC34’s leadership project involved painting buildings, landscaping, installing a playground, repairing a fountain and sidewalks, and engaging children in painting murals. Budget: $57,000.

In July 2011, WorldLegacy’s NC129 leadership team chose this orphanage for their project. This was an extreme makeover of a cottage as well as a monetary contribution for the day-to-day operation of the orphanage. This leadership project created the following: $10,000 for day to day purchasing of groceries and supplies, appliances (two sets of washers and dryers) ten beds, mattresses and linens, six dressers, chests, desks, and chairs. For the sitting/game room, they provided two couches, four chairs, a coffee table, two end tables, two new TVs and a piano bench. There were major repairs of the cottage including carpeting in over ten rooms, twenty-three blinds, drywall, painting over twelve rooms, and four new computers. Budget: $40,000.

In 2015, NC152 caused an amazing project at the Central Children’s Home in Oxford, NC. Their mission was to inspire the young men currently living in the McDougle Cottage as well as the boys who have yet to move in. They created a space that would feel like home. They refurnished six bedrooms with new bedding, blinds and hampers. They painted accent walls in each bedroom and added inspirational quotes to those walls. They supplied three bathrooms with new towels, shower curtains and towel racks. They created a five-person computer lab in a multi-purpose recreation room, complete with desks, chairs, and internet access. They painted an original mural in the multi-purpose recreation room along with the youth who lived in the orphanage.They furnished the living room area with a large flat screen TV, DVD player, and DVDs. Budget: $30,000.

Central Children’s Home – Masonic Home for Children – COVID 19
In March, 2020, WorldLegacy NC181 caused an amazing project at the Central Children’s Home in Oxford, NC at the exact time that COVID 19 was gaining momentum in the United States.

With vision and commitment anything is possible, even in the time of COVID-19. WorldLegacy’s NC181 Leadership Team, provided everything necessary for the Masonic Home for Children in Oxford, NC (MHCO) to have an extreme makeover of the boy’s living quarters. Originally, eleven people from all over the world were going to paint eight bedrooms and create a fully functional and beautiful game room and a storage room during the weekend of March 20 – 22nd, 2020. In addition, the team was donating new bedding for the bedrooms, all the paint, new window treatments, ceiling tiles, gaming equipment, furniture, TVs, shelving, and inspirational artwork for each room. This project was driven by a vision to leave a lasting gift to these children and have them get that they matter.

When WorldLegacy received the call that the MHCO was closed to non-essential people, the administration assumed the project would be cancelled. Throughout their Leadership training, NC181 Leadership experienced achieving “impossible results” and how a great team can have a huge impact on the lives of others. Obstacles are just opportunities to play an even bigger game. The project was not cancelled. NC181 Leadership chose to complete everything required for the extreme makeover by March 22nd, except for painting the rooms and the final installation of the furnishings. In addition, the team chose to raise $5000.00 so that MHCO could hire painters when the Home was reopened.

WorldLegacy NC181 Leadership has a vision of a connected world filled with responsible and courageous people. They are committed to a world where children grow up believing in possibility and that they matter. During the weekend, without any of the children knowing, a team of angels prepared for a future surprise. Little did they know it would be an entire year before the team was allowed to deliver everything to the orphanage. NC181 Leadership is committed to creating a space where children, who cannot live with their biological families, feel like they are valuable, are loved, and have a home.

The list of items the team procured in one weekend and delivered one year later is as follows: complete painting supplies, 24 gallons of premium paint, five commercial grade wire shelves, 16 heavy duty storage bins with lids, two 40 inch. 4K HDR TVs with stands, one XBOX, three Xbox games, two big and tall racing style gaming chairs, solid wood coffee table, area rug, six foot brown leather couch, sixteen twin sheet sets 550 thread count, seventeen cordless blinds, eight pillows and comforters, posters for each room, and ceiling tiles.
Budget: $24,490.


WorldLegacy Project:  Santa arrives early at children’s home

By Artelia Covington
Date: December 18, 2000

OXFORD – With Christmas just around the corner, Santa and his elves arrived early for the Central Children’s Home in Oxford. The WorldLegacy of Chapel Hill gave the home a new playground and some much-needed landscaping.Starting in mid-September, the WorldLegacy’s members spent their Saturdays for 10 weeks working at the home. Besides the playground and landscaping, they repaired a fountain in front of the home’s chapel and did some painting.

“I loved those times,” said Stewart Wilde, a participant. “The kids would come out while we were working. They were so happy to see us and would even work with us.”

The group wanted to show the home’s children that they, too, can make a difference in someone’s life.
I think it gave them a sense of satisfaction that they helped make this all work,” said Wilde.
The WorldLegacy provides seminars or workshops offering professional training for young people. About 30 people belong to it.

“I got involved in the program because, while I considered myself to be successful, I wanted to get better,” said Wilde.

The Central Children’s Home, on West Antioch Road near Oxford, was founded in 1883, making it the second oldest children’s home in Oxford, after the Masonic Home for Children. The Central Children’s Home is on 345 acres and includes five cottages, an administration building, a gymnasium, dining hall, a chapel, and 24 acres of farmland.

At its beginning, the home was supported primarily by Baptist churches, Sunday schools and private donations. In 1887, the state began providing some funding.
Now, the home’s two largest contributors are the General Baptist State Convention and the state. The home also receives money from the Duke Endowment Fund.

The home currently serves 42 children ages 4 to 18. It can serve as many as 56 children. Most of the children are from adoptions that failed and who are in foster care. Others are placed there by the Granville County Department of Social Services to protect them from abuse or neglect.
The staff of 35 includes social workers, counselors and administrators. Two resident advisers live with the children in cottages.

“We hope that people will understand that while there are things that the children may need as far as material possessions, we give them all the love and nurturing that they need,” said Michael Alston, the home’s executive director.
Wilde echoed Alston.
“The Central Children’s Home had very little in terms of things, but the kids were happy, and it was obvious that they were loved,” he said. The WorldLegacy held a party at the home to celebrate when the project was completed in November. The children created murals and other artwork on the playground. “The kids wrote a rap song in celebration of the completion of the project,” Wilde said. Alston said that the group plans to come back and complete other projects including a volleyball court and a pavilion.

Reprinted from The Herald-Sun, (Durham, NC)

One Giant World of WorldLegacy Givers

As a member of WorldLegacy’s NC129 Leadership Team, I was part of an absolutely amazing team project! We sourced a children’s home that needed many repairs as well as love. The “meat” of the project was completed before we stepped foot on the property by enrolling others in our vision and collecting donations, both monetary and in kind. By the first day of the project we had 2000 sq. ft of carpet and a professional crew of people to install it, 20 gallons of paint, $7000 in IKEA furniture, $6000 toward our goal of $10k to be used by the home for groceries, three computers, an artist to paint a beautiful mural, volunteers to help us complete and food to make them happy! Working as a team the remaining items came naturally and our project was complete on time in excellence! With the vision in mind for the girls we were making a difference for, it was simple. We knew these girls mattered and are going to make a huge difference in the world and now they know it too! This WorldLegacy project has forever changed my life! Sarah H. Adams

The Children and staff at the Central Children Home of North Carolina, 211 W Antioch, Oxford, NC, are receiving an extreme makeover this weekend! Members of the NC129 Leadership Team from the WorldLegacy in Morrisville, NC are partnering with the local community and a number of local retailers such as Lowes, to create a new, beautifully decorated living and working space for the children they serve. This project is a part of their three-month leadership development program at the WorldLegacy. This extreme makeover will include carpeting, new furniture, bedding, televisions, computers, painting, window treatments and repairs to make their space fabulous, and much more!

What makes this project unique is that the WorldLegacy Leadership team must design the project start to finish, cannot use any of their own money, must involve the community to do 75% the work and need to have it complete in two days.

This facility chosen for this project provides a safe environment for the children who would otherwise be at risk as they play and learn necessary life skills. This project helps to keep these children in a safe and nurturing environment, far away from the probable likelihood of being abandoned or left alone and in harms way. The NC129 Leadership Team requests your help to make this project possible this weekend, July 23rd and 24th, 2011.

This is your opportunity to give back to the community and make a difference. Volunteers, monetary and in-kind donations are requested. The refurbished facility will send a powerful message to these children that they matter, are loved and are valued.


Project Dates:
Saturday, July 23, 2011 – 8:00 AM start time
Sunday, July 24, 2011 – 8:00 AM start time

A team of leaders representing WorldLegacy have come together and taken a stand to make a difference in the world. Our diverse group of empowering leaders, from several regions of the United States and Canada, decided to focus on the domain families for our team’s community project and identified the Central Children’s Home of North Carolina (CCH-NC) as a place where we can make an impact and difference in the world starting in North Carolina.

About Central Children’s Home of North Carolina
CCH-NC provides family centered services, via an appropriate period of residential group care for children and youth from age 9 – 21. These children cannot remain in their own homes due to substance dependency, neglect or abuse. By providing a wholesome atmosphere conducive to their emotional, educational, social, spiritual and physical growth and development CCH promotes positive family functioning and/or independent living.

Details of the Project
As members of our own respective communities throughout the US and Canada, we understand the essential component of a community is FAMILY. When children and families are healthy, well cared for and shown love and support their self-esteem and self-worth improve, which ultimately creates a strong community foundation.

Our WorldLegacy Leadership team, known as NC129, is committed to creating an empowering environment for the children of Central Children’s Home by providing upgrades and improvements to Bryant Cottage, the campus’ girl’s cottage.

To create this environment we are asking for support in the following areas: volunteers to donate their time, skills, and talents; monetary donations for one year of groceries and supplies; equipment and household items to include washers and dryers, televisions, bedroom furniture, lounge furniture and computers; and home improvement materials and labor to include carpet, drywall and paint. We will also need food and beverages on the actual work days to keep our volunteers in good health as they work!