Children’s Recovery Center

WorldLegacy’s NC 126 and NC 127 Leadership teams chose the Children’s Recovery Center in Myrtle Beach, SC for their project. On the weekend of April 21 and April 22, 2011, an extreme makeover was created. The Children’s Recovery Center is a non-profit organization to support sexually abused children, their families. They offer free services, forensic exams and therapy for these children and their families. The revitalizing of the building included painting the exterior, replacing a sink and faucet, storm door, landscaping, and supplying new furnishings, computers, toys and gifts for the children. The teams chose this organization in a unanimous decision to make a difference and in the lives of children and youth. The ribbon cutting included an Easter Egg party for the families and children. The budget including all contracted labor, supplies, materials and services was $30,000.

Volunteers build safe environment for sexual assault victims: WorldLegacy

By Brie Jackson Published: April 21, 2011
On Thursday, volunteers from across the country teamed up to help renovate the Children’s Recovery Center (CRC) in Myrtle Beach. The non-profit organization offers services such as counseling and legal help for child sexual assault victims. Organizers said the current facility was in dire need of repairs. Staff hope the renovations provide a more inviting atmosphere for victims who may be reluctant to come forward.
“The renovations are important but it’s really bigger than the repairs,” said Annelle Sheline, volunteer. “It’s about bringing awareness that child sexual assault is a huge problem and it can be uncomfortable for people to talk about this issue.” The Children’s Recovery Center provides forensic interviews and exams to an increasing number of child sexual assault victims. “For whatever reason it seems like each March, April and May we receive a lot more referrals” said Dianne Nordeen, CRC director.

Staff said they hope the renovation to the facility provide a more comfortable environment for child sexual assault victim. This year the non-profit organization hopes to make a stronger impact in the area’s growing Hispanic population. “We are trying to spread the word for the Hispanic community and let them know they have rights,” said Natalia Achury. “We are here for them and to protect the child regardless of their status.”
Renovations to the CRC will continue Friday, April 24th. Staff said more volunteers are needed. On Saturday, April 23, all kids and families are invited to gather for a day of fun activities and education, with an Easter egg hunt, speakers, and ribbon cutting for the Center’s revitalized facility. The Children’s Recovery Center will provide kid-centric education about body awareness in order to empower children to speak out about sexual abuse, as well as information for adults to recognize abuse symptoms.

Children’s Recovery Center

In February 2011 I committed to a leadership program at WorldLegacy. The commitment to be a “giver” for three months was lifechanging. The tangible results that I created in this period include raising over $ 3,000 for my Relay for Life Team within a 6 week period, revitalizing and creating open, honest relationships with family and friends, as well as proposing and manifesting a community project to refurbish The Children’s Recovery Center in Myrtle Beach, which advocates and serves sexually abused children. The unique aspect of the project was that it had to be completed in a 48 hour period, all materials, supplies, services, furniture and office equipment had to be donated, and 75% of the work had to be completed by volunteers. The experience of this WorldLegacy Project was exhilarating and the joy of giving was apparent in every volunteer and community member that contributed. I can only recommend the workshops at The WorldLegacy to achieve a paradigm shift that would otherwise not happen without the process they offer. Miriam Silk NC127 WorldLegacy Leadership

Luvina Beckley, was a pivotal member of WorldLegacy’s NC 127 Team. Luvina lives in California and is the CEO for MHM. Luvina’s life-long mission and purpose is to propel individuals into experiencing their highest possible purpose in life. Luvina’s commitment to her leadership team from across the country is part of who she is for people. Circumstances don’t get in her way. Her zeal for life served Luvina as an athlete, as her commitment helped her teams make it to multiple NCAA championship games. As a coach, she coached a team to the NCAA national championship. Her comment’s on WorldLegacy’s Children’s Recovery Center Project.

In two days my WorldLegacy Leadership Team was given the opportunity to transform the lives of children and families that had been sexually abused. The greatest challenge was in knowing that my ex-fiancé had been sexually abused as a child and that our life and our relationship had been strained due to his past. He had never sought true ‘recovery’. I believed that I, and my team, could support the efforts of The Children’s Recovery Center in Myrtle Beach and help them in transforming the lives of other children with the hopes that these children would be able to create loving and lasting relationships. While on site I realized the
courage that children must have to stand and tell their story, sometimes to a complete stranger. I also learned that their are many adults standing today, trying to find the courage to tell their
story, as when I returned I found out that my mother had also been a survivor of sexual abuse. I had to travel across the country to Myrtle Beach South Carolina to realize that my life was full of
people wanting to find the courage to tell their story, and to love openly and freely. I love my mother and my ex-fiancé unconditionally. They both are my Hero’s. Luvina Beckley