Covenant House Greater Washington DC

WorldLegacy’s NC176 Leadership Team, completed an extreme makeover of the computer center at Covenant House Greater Washington (CHGW), 2001 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC.  Five individuals, from all over the US, gathered to create a space where homeless youth could get that they matter. The upgraded room will also give youth mechanisms to learn, obtain their GEDs, study and obtain employment.

In two days, the team renovated an existing room by repainting the walls, installing new commercial floor tiles, and installing six state of the art computers and monitors.  The work was performed in excellence and provided a safe and comfortable place for youth. The intention is to leave a lasting legacy in the community for generations, and in the hearts of all the volunteers who were part of the makeover.  Budget: $28,000


Date: September 9, 2019 at 2:17:51 PM 
From Marlena Tracy, Covenant House
Subject: World Legacy Ribbon Cutting Evening!

 Hello All,
Last weekend, the WorldLegacy leadership team and a group of volunteers, completely refurbished our computer room on the 2nd floor.  This extreme makeover project was the culmination of WorldLegacy’s three-month leadership development program.

Covenant House Greater Washington was selected for this unique project, where the leadership team is responsible for designing the project from start to finish under the following parameters —they cannot use any of their own money, cannot raise money, must involve the community to be partners and do 75% of the work, and the project needs to be completed in three days or less.

It was astonishing to witness an international group of young people in bare feet, some painting in masks, while others worked on their knees laying tiles, being continuously encouraged towards excellence by their supervisor. Even the warm temperatures in the building did not deter them from attending to every detail.

These young people are the epitome of selflessness and love. Their energy, spirit, tenacity and teamwork was remarkable.  

The evening culminated with a ribbon-cutting as WorldLegacy presented their gift to us. I was moved by the inspirational words and deep emotion the young people expressed along with their gratitude for the opportunity to share their love and impact the lives of young people experiencing homelessness, disconnection and exploitation in Greater Washington.

I drove home reflecting on the message of the evening and the cutting of the bright blue ribbon — truly thankful for the work that we do impacting the lives and future of the youth in our community.

Covenant House Greater Washington was well represented by Board Member, Kelly Mikel Williams, Former DC City Council Member and Advisory Council Member, Sandy Allen as well as Walter Allen, Cliff Rodgers, Reverend Thomas Hawkins, Marketing Strategist Lya Wesley and me.


NC176 WorldLegacy Covenant House