Djoungolo District Hospital, Yaoundé, Cameroon

WorldLegacy NC189 leaders stand for abundance, freedom and
love in the world. This team chose to manifest their vision by creating an extreme makeover of the Djoungolo District Hospital waiting area. This project aligned with their vision because it provides a safe and beautiful space for people and their families who come for healthcare. Patients and workers can now feel respected and that they matter. A clean place of peace and wellness has been created for all those who use the hospital. WorldLegacy’s NC189 Leadership Team will be inspiring future generations of leaders by letting Africa know that anything is possible. The hospital staff now work in a safe environment that enables them to care for their patients.

A team of ten World Legacy leaders from around the world created this project and only one member of the team lived in Cameroon. The team created video conference calls at 4 am EST each day starting two weeks before the actual work weekend to contact businesses in Cameroon to enroll them in donating materials.

This project installed a new concrete floor (3700 square feet) in the large outdoor waiting area after removing the existing crumbling concrete floor. Five additional walls (833 square feet) were constructed, with aluminum double sliding windows, to provide protection from the rain. The windows were equipped with steel burglar proof bars. The walls were all painted. A wood door was installed to provide privacy in one of the rooms. The electrical system was updated, and 24 new fluorescent lighting fixtures were installed. Before this project there were no lights in the area.

In addition to the massive construction, the furniture was updated, and 20 five-seater stainless steel benches were installed. The area for hospital waste was cleaned and relocated away for the waiting area and four large garbage bins were provided.

Budget: $26,275 October 2021.