The Urban Ministries of Durham’s Family Shelter

NC110’s Leadership Project completely refurbished the Family Shelter. Seven family rooms received new furniture, window treatments and bathroom accessories. Local companies donated landscaping, painting services, outdoor materials, and other supplies. Attached are the quotes from the families after they saw the rooms that were re-done by NC110. I loved the encouraging message that was left in our room. It made me feel special. My children were so happy…I am just glad we have a safe place to stay…” “The new furniture is so pretty. It has made us feel loved and cared for…” “I like the way the towels were folded. They even had pretty ribbons on them. It was like a hotel.” “We can’t thank you all enough. You and your group have impacted not only the current families staying with us, but the many that have not yet come to us for help. We are thrilled to have seven beautiful rooms for our families to stay in. This brings them an immediate sense of hope.” Budget: $19,500. June 2009.