Happy Hills Animal Shelter

This NC77 WorldLegacy Leadership project was in the domain of animals and performed an extreme makeover at Happy Hills No-Kill Animal Shelter in Staley, NC.  The project involved repairing building structures at the shelter and creating a concert and food sale that raised over $10,000.

We (NC77) just completed an AMAZING community service project in the domain of ANIMALS. We chose to be in service to Happy Hills Animal Shelter in Staley, NC. Happy Hills is a non-profit shelter that had a fire a couple of years ago. The fire destroyed most of their facility. They have been struggling to rebuild ever since and have been stuck in survival mode. They have been working around the clock at times to provide the animals with care with only a fraction of their workspace and a port-a-jon. The staff of Happy Hills really believes that animals matter, and they ensure that each animal they adopt out will have the greatest experience possible in their new home. They rescue animals and provide them with shelter, food, vet care, and lots of love until they are adopted. Ours was a four part project. First, we declared that we would raise $10,000 for Happy Hills. Next, we declared that we would support Happy Hills by enrolling a construction company to donate some skilled labor to help the staff tackle some of their renovation projects. We also did some research and put together a fundraising plan that Happy Hills can use in coming years as they develop the funds necessary to build a new office space. Finally, we held a large adoption fair and fundraising benefit event for Happy Hills at Barber Park in Greensboro, NC! We had live music, food and games galore! Individuals and local businesses donated materials, entertainment, and prizes for the event. Volunteers from the community showed up and donated their time and energy! The director of Happy Hills was just glowing during the event! It felt incredible to acknowledge a group of highly committed people who usually get very little recognition for the amazing job that they do. We have raised just over 9.000 dollars for Happy Hills and our team is still committed to raising that last 1,000 in days to come!!! We have made an ENORMOUS and lasting difference for the Happy Hills staff and the animals at that shelter. Why? How? Because we said so! All it took was intention and leadership. – Charlene (NC 77)