The Heritage of Raleigh

In March of 2007, WorldLegacy Leadership project created a beautiful garden including a paved patio, a gazebo and calming water feature at The Heritage of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC. Recycled or re-used materials were utilized as much as possible in the garden. The garden in this independent senior living community gives the residents a place to watch birds, read, talk, be active, and connect with other residents.

NC90 WorldLegacy Project Heritage of Raleigh: Seniors, The Environment and Children
My team and I created a amazing garden at local senior center here in Raleigh as our team project. It was incredible to see how our vision for the environment developed and was realized. In a relatively short period of time, we got the community to help us create an amazing garden of recycled materials and beautiful plants. The comments we got where extraordinary and we made a huge difference for the senior citizens and the community.
NC 90

Applying what I have learned in leadership to our community project has been huge. What seemed to be at times impossible to put together, I stretched myself to look for new opportunities. When the gazebo source fell through, I was able to enroll others on the team to get creative. They responded because we are a mighty team, focused out and able to do so much. When I was unsure it we would have all the necessary materials, we were able to work together and create just what we needed. We were commitment to excellence from the very beginning and when that commitment is firm, great things happen. When I drive by the garden today, when I hear of the seniors who are so thankful, when I know the many people who have been touched and will continue to be touched, when I consider the young people who will be able to connect to the seniors like never before, I see true transformation occurring. Sometimes little touches can make a huge difference and I learned to realize that those little touches start with me.
NC 90

WorldLegacy Recycled Art with the Children
I got to work with the children who came to be a part of the Recycled Garden and it was an invigorating experience to be able to assist and witness all the creative energy that the kids used to make art for the garden. They made all these original flowers from recycled materials (like bottle-caps) and beautiful colorfully painted rocks. They really were able to create beautiful art that got to stay there and be a reminder to the seniors of the time they got to spend with the children and the artistic energy of youth. For me it was a real gift to be able to be with them and to see how they flew with all these random materials and just made something unique with it.
NC 90

NC90 A garden of possibilities
In a very short time, we took an idea to change an empty garden space, into a community. With some amazing teamwork, we found so many people who wanted to be a part of making a difference. Friends, family, local businesses and more helped build a beautiful space. The recycling garden we created allows the seniors of the independent senior living facility a place to connect with each other, be outside in the shade, garden and have a better quality of life. So many of them came from homes with their own gardens, now they can get a piece of that life back. With flowers, art from recycled materials made by children, herbs, plants and trees, the space is magnificent.
The garden will provide a community place for so many people, for many years to come.
NC90 recycled garden

Mighty NC90 created an incredible recycled garden project at a local independent senior living facility. This created the space for me to open my heart to a population of people that I have always been a little fearful of. The joy in the resident’s faces was magic. This has created a space for my family and I to create a project at the facility where my partner’s grandmother lives, in a skilled nursing home.
Kara Peterson

NC 90 did a community project involving Seniors, the environment and children. We built at relaxation garden at a Senior Residence Center using recycled materials. Our vision was to build a place where Seniors are able to go outside in a beautiful place to relax and meditate. We asked children to help us with the project so they would learn more about the environment and about the wonder of Seniors. All the materials were donated! It was magnificent for me to work in building the cobble stone floor of the gazebo! Intention is so powerful. When we all work together there are no limits to the possibilities.
Jane Arnold