Isigudu Lower Primary School Natal, South Africa

World Legacy NC188 Leadership chose to create an extreme makeover of classrooms in the Isigudu Lower Primary School in Durban, South Africa. Isigudu Lower Primary School, located in Ndwedwe, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, teaches 78 children aged five to nine years old.  Due to lack of funding, the school had been unable to keep up with updates over the years. The roof and rafters were completely exposed with no ceilings in the classrooms. The floors consisted of damaged concrete and the walls were dingy. There were no bookshelves or lighting in any of the classrooms.

The NC188 leaders stand for abundance, freedom and love in a united world. This project was selected because it created abundance in a poor rural school that had a scarcity of resources. With upgraded classrooms, the team believed the children could thrive in their education and start to believe they could be their best.

When NC188 declared the project, the team did not realize all the challenges they would encounter. NC188 chose the weekend of July 23, 2021 for the project weekend. Ten days before the weekend, the team of nine individuals started enrolling businesses in South Africa to donate supplies for the upcoming project weekend.

First challenge:  Given that seven of the nine team members lived in the United States, they chose to meet over Zoom at 3 AM each day to call businesses in South Africa.
Second challenge:  South Africa had many COVID19 restrictions including struct curfews.
Third challenge: There was civil unrest in South Africa and riots broke out in Durban.  The area was gripped by a frenzy of looting, arson and violence. In fact, one of the businesses that agreed to donate materials was burned to the ground. The team was not thwarted. Failure was not an option.

The team created a miracle. On the weekend of July 23, 2021, 110 volunteers teamed up with NC188 to install new ceilings, luxury vinyl plank flooring, and fluorescent lighting in five classrooms. The classrooms were all painted, bookshelves were provided and an avocado tree was planted. The avocado tree symbolizes the abundance that exists in the soil and will continue providing nutritious fruit for learners for 30 years to come. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held simultaneously in person and virtually on Zoom on July 25, 2021 at the school. After this extreme makeover, the school resembled the quality and finished level of an expensive private school.
Budget: $32,929