Laura Hopgood WorldLegacy Leadership Results

Laura Hopgood WorldLegacy Leadership Results NC135

Make Things Happen!
The difference I have made being WorldLegacy’s NC135 LP is to create an open space
for relationships with others and to inspire others to take action in
their own lives. My personal relationships are now flourishing and my
way of being has created a space for my children to be empowered to
go after their own dreams. Being LP has provided a level of
confidence that inspires me to be bold in taking my goals to the next
level while mentoring others to be even greater. I was able to
accomplish the goals I set in excellence and submitted my writing for
publication for the first time. My awesome team created magical
results on our Project, revitalizing a greenhouse where children are
taught about the environment. We had just two days to complete this
extreme makeover and the biggest reward of all was the positive
impact visible in the excitement of the community. LP provides the
skills and tools to really make things happen!
Laura Hopgood, NC135