Leadership Projects


NC192 Youth Crisis Center, Florida (COVID 19) Press Release$16,416
NC191 Girls Matter Elementary Program Classroom, Florida (COVID 19) Press Release$15,500
NC189 Djoungolo District Hospital, Yaoundé, Cameroon (COVID 19) Press Release$26,275
NC188Isigudu Lower Primary School Durban, South Africa (COVID 19) Press Release$32,929
NC186Ronald McDonalds, Charlotte, NC (COVID 19) Press Release$20,000
NC185Abundant Clean Water, Malawi, Africa (COVID 19) Press Release$85,000
NC181Masonic Home for Children, Oxford, NC (COVID 19) Press Release$24,490
NC179Ronald McDonalds, Charlotte, NC$22,500
NC178Pace Center for Girls, Pinellas Park, FL Press Release$30,500
NC177Vincent House, Pinellas Park, FL Press Release$35,000
NC176Covenant House, Washington, DC Press Release$28,000
NC175Little Berries Daycare, Brooklyn, NY Press Release$28,800
NC174Ronald McDonald House, New York, NY Press Release$16,800
NC173Ronald McDonald House, Durham, NC Press Release$14,650
NC170Lithuanian World Center, Lemont, Ill Press Release$24,000
NC169Uzbek Association, Chicago, Ill Press Release$30,000
NC168Kyrgyz Community Center Project, Chicago, Ill Press Release$44,390
NC167Boys & Girls Club, Rocky Mount, NC Press Release$28,245
NC166St. Helena Catholic School, Minneapolis, Minnesota Press Release$57,840
NC165Bolder Options, Minneapolis, Minnesota Press Release$30,000
NC164Center for People in Need, Lincoln, Nebraska Press Release$48,839
NC163Our Timeless Wisdom, Maryland, North Carolina, NYC$20,000
NC160SWAG Family Resource Center, Gainesville, FL$20,000
NC158Franklin County Animal Shelter, Louisburg, NC$200,000
NC154St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN$13,500
NC152Central Children’s Home, Oxford, NC$30,000
NC150Reality Ministries, Durham, NC$40,000
NC148Camp Royall, Moncure, NC$15,000
NC147HomeStart Residential Facility, Chapel Hill, NC$22,500
NC145Boys and Girls Club Raleigh, NC$33,000
NC144Jordan Child and Family Center, Raleigh, NC$33,000
NC140Passage Home, Raleigh, NC$30,000
NC137Oaklawn Improvement District, Wichita, Kansas$37,500
NC135Emerson Waldorf School Farm, Chapel Hill, NC$30,000
NC133Victorious Praise Church, Durham, NC$35,000
NC131Urban Ministries, Durham, NC $35,000
NC129Central Children’s Home, Oxford, NC$40,000
NC126/NC127Children’s Recovery Center, Myrtle Beach, SC $30,000
NC123The CAARE Center, Durham NC$32,000
NC120Ashevillage, Asheville, NC$15,000
NC119Club Nova, Carrboro, NC$30,000
NC118Freedom House Recovery Center, Chapel Hill, NC$30,000
NC116Swannanoa Development Center, Swannanoa, NC$30,000
NC115Genesis Home, Durham, NC$15,000
NC113Neighbor to Neighbor, Raleigh, NC$37,500
NC112Faith Assembly Christian Center, Durham, NC$25,500
NC111The Family Center of Durham, Durham, NC$30,000
NC110Urban Ministries of Durham, Durham, NC$19,500
NC109Shaw University Center Raleigh, NC$65,000
NC108Alexander Youth Network, Charlotte, NC$19,500
NC106The Women’s Counseling Center, Orlando, FL$35,000
NC105LifeSpan Circle School, Burlington, NC$37,500
NC103Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC$50,000
NC100City of Oaks, Raleigh, NC$30,000
NC98Montessori Preschool, Greensboro, NC$30,000
NC97Summit House, Piedmont, Greensboro, NC$36,000
NC96Pathways Center, Greensboro, NC$30,000
NC95Fisher House, Fort Bragg, NC$50,000
NC94Durham Center for Senior Living, Durham, NC$40,000
NC93Summit House, Raleigh, NC$30,000
NC92YWCA, Raleigh, NC$10,000
NC91Shepherd House Assisted Living, Chapel Hill, NC$30,000
NC90The Heritage of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC$30,000
NC89Governor Morehead School, Raleigh, NC$30,000
NC88Spence’s Farm, Chapel Hill, NC$15,000
NC87Ronald McDonald House, Durham, NC$18,000
NC86SeeSaw Studio, Durham, NC$12,000
NC85The Blue Bike Program, Chapel Hill, NC$15,500
NC84Camelia Gardens Assisted Living, Durham, NC$30,000
NC83St. Bernard Parish School, Chalmette, LA$13,500
NC83Haven House Services, Raleigh, NC$32,000
NC82Coventry House Assisted Living, Siler City, NC$18,000
NC81Durham Battered Women’s Shelter, Durham, NC$32,000
NC80John Avery Boys and Girls Club, Durham, NC$12,000
NC78Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network, Raleigh, NC$33,000
NC77Happy Hills Animal Shelter, Staley, NC$22,500
NC76Carrboro Senior Living Center, Carrboro, NC$39,000
NC75Family Violence and Rape Services, Pittsboro, NC$28,500
NC74Methodist Child Development Center, Raleigh, NC$18,000
NC73Green Elementary School, Raleigh, NC$13,500
NC72Durham Crisis Response Center, Durham, NC$13,500
NC71Estes Elementary School, Asheville, NC$12,000
NC70The Central School for Children, Durham, NC$12,500
NC69Exploris Museum, Raleigh, NC$12,000
NC68Heritage Retirement Center, Rocky Mount, NC$28,500
NC67Loaves and Fishes, Raleigh, NC$28,500
NC66Lead Mine Elementary School, Raleigh, NC$22,500
NC65Haven House Services, Raleigh, NC$16,500
NC64Scarborough Nursery School, Durham, NC$35,000
NC63Walnut Creek Greenway Park System, Raleigh, NC$19,500
NC62West End Community Center, Durham, NC$30,000
NC61EK Powe Elementary School, Durham, NC$15,000
NC60Camp New Hope, Durham, NC$43,500
NC59Project Homestart, Chapel Hill, NC$36,000
NC58Little River Family Resource Center, Durham, NC$19,500
NC57Domestic Violence Center, Wilmington, NC$18,000
NC56Prancing Horse, Cameron, NC$15,000
NC55SEEDS, Durham, NC$15,000
NC54YWCA, Asheville, NC$7,500
NC53Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC$34,500
NC52Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC$18,000
NC51Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC$37,500
NC50Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC$36,000
NC49Durham Rescue Mission, Durham, NC$34,500
NC48Watts Elementary School, Durham, NC$27,000
NC47Boys and Girls Club of Wake County, Raleigh, NC$22,500
NC46Bragg Street Park, Raleigh NC$39,000
NC45Longview Alternative School, Raleigh, NC$32,000
NC44John Avery Boys and Girls Club, Durham, NC $47,000
NC43Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network, Raleigh, NC$42,000
NC42Durham Safe Kids Coalition, Durham, NC$24,000
NC41Haven House Services, Raleigh, NC$27,000
NC40Poole Road Transitional Housing Site, Raleigh NC$24,000
NC39Agape Corner School, Durham, NC$30,000
NC38Helping Horse, Raleigh, NC$27,000
NC38Genesis Home for the Homeless, Durham, NC$42,000
NC37Fox Ridge Community Center, Raleigh, NC$25,500
NC36Walnut Creek Greenway Park System, Raleigh, NC$34,500
NC35The Hispanic Family Center Ministries, Raleigh, NC$24,000
NC34Central Children’s Home, Oxford, NC$57,000
NC33SAFEchild Child Abuse Prevention, Raleigh, NC$30,000
NC32Tammy Lynn Center for Disabilities, Raleigh, NC$34,500
NC31The Epiphany House, Raleigh, NC$27,000
NC30Low Security Correctional Institution, Butner, NC$40,000
NC29Raleigh Rescue Mission, Raleigh, NC$27,000
NC28Open House, Wilmington, NC$24,000
NC26UNC Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC$18,000
NC21Peace Wall, Myrtle Beach, SC$12,000
 Project Total$3,792,174