Corporate Wellness My WorldLegacy Experience

Corporate Wellness My WorldLegacy Experience

Jim G.  Charlotte, NC

I graduated WorldLegacy NC86 in the fall of 2006. I was a personal trainer and
fitness instructor at that time. One of my clients had introduced me
to the work being completed at the WorldLegacy and invited me to
attend. Being in the health and fitness industry I have been to many
professional conventions and other training opportunities before. I
decided to go because this was one of my biggest clients, and the
fact that he was so sincere, told this me was something different. I
showed up vowing to do it on my terms. What I found at WorldLegacy was an amazing
group of individuals really committed to creating positive change, transformation,
and helping others find their voice. This was getting real about what
is really happening in my life today. I knew I had to do it.

Eighteen months later…..

I have formed my own corporation, secured my first contract for
providing corporate wellness and health promotion solutions.

Begun to assemble a team of health professionals to provide the very
best in wellness coaching and health promotion programming.

Developed several websites for our businesses.

Rode three Century (100 mile plus) bike rides for charlity in 2007

Was elected president of the CUMC chapter of the United Methodists
Men’s national association.

Helped lead a mission team to Mississippi to complete Katrina
disaster relief, for the last 5 years

The experience I had in the personal leadership work I completed at
the WorldLegacy created a profound change in my outlook on my life.
At the time I had no idea how big that was going to be. I had talent
before, what I received was this crystal clear vision of what I
wanted and an understanding that the only thing keeping me from it
was me. Take the risk to explore all the possibilities that await, if
you dare to look. Find your voice and be heard, make a difference.