The WorldLegacy Graduates Rebuild New Orleans

WorldLegacy North Carolina NC83 BAM, with the help of other   WorldLegacy graduates took on an elementary school in St. Bernard Parish like a storm of transformation. Chalmette, La. is an area south of New Orleans that was devastated by Katrina and Rita. This entire area is still in need of restoration.
The majority of the residents are still not able to live in their homes yet. Some have finally moved into a tiny FEMA trailer. The school will be opening soon with the beauty we created. In one weekend we landscaped the grounds. Now when students and staff enter the gates they are walking into an oasis of color and life and love.

Helen Renee NC84, Mark Teears NC81, Steve Garic (advance graduate), and Thomas Garic (advance graduate) were all key players in getting the job done.
Making a huge difference  and being an extreme giver is a lot of fun!!!!

With love,
Annie Garic NC83 BAM