Reality Ministries WorldLegacy Leadership

In September of 2014, the NC150 Leadership Team of WorldLegacy created miracles for Reality Ministries in Durham, North Carolina. The Team of six women and two coaches created a huge transformation for this center. For this project, this team and their amazing volunteers removed carpeting and re-floored 1,450 sq. ft. of the center with oak laminate flooring, as well as added molding and dividers to all of the re-floored areas. Areas included in the re-flooring were the Lobby Room, the Art Room, and the Main Hallway that stretches 120 ft. long. NC150 re-painted many different areas throughout the center; areas including all of the main entrance doors; the double-door archway, and the doors and trimming around the lobby room. The art room was previously divided by an accordion room-divider; this was removed, sanded and painted. The art room trimming was also re-painted in excellence. The previously known Multipurpose Room is now the Center’s Art Room. NC150 provided the center with an 8×4 foot white board with white wood trimming, four stainless steel rolling work tables for arts and crafts, two Dell laptop computers, and 6×3 wooden storage cubbyholes. The NC150 Team worked diligently to make sure that the landscaping and the outside of the building was done in excellence. Landscaping transformation included, weeding and mulching all dirt areas, planting flowerbeds and plants, removing old fencing. The transformation of the outside of the building included installing a new hanging metal display sign and a building address plaque. The Center’s yard shed window was replaced with a Plexiglas window and Reality Ministries was given 36 new metal folding chairs, three folding chair rolling racks, five new sports balls and two large storage bins to hold the new sports activities. Budget $40,000.


The WorldLegacy leadership team is creating an extreme makeover for the youth of Durham County in North Carolina. Without spending any of their own money, in 48 hours this team of eight people will revitalize common areas from top to bottom for the nonprofit organization Reality Ministries. A team of eight people from WorldLegacy is leading the charge in creating an extreme makeover of the Reality Ministries facility at 916 Lamond Avenue in Durham, NC. The NC150 Leadership Team from WorldLegacy in Chapel Hill, NC are partnering with Reality Ministries. This project will involve upgrading the facility with vinyl flooring, sports equipment, storage areas, computers, furniture, classroom essentials, and landscaping. They are inviting the larger community to join with them in this creative and visionary endeavor. This project is a part of WorldLegacy’s three-month leadership development program.  The head coaches of NC150 include Dr. Lori Todd, David Nordeen, and Netta Cohen. WorldLegacy believes that the most effective leaders lead from their hearts, with a clear vision and a firm intention. In the Leadership Program, the participants are coached to stand outside the ordinary in order to achieve a quantum leap in results; personally, professionally, and in the domain of making an impact on this planet. What makes this project unique is that the WorldLegacy Leadership team designs the project from start to finish in less than one month, cannot use any of their own money, involves the community to do 75% of the work and has to have it completed in two days!  Projects are born from the world vision of each team and usually have budgets that exceed $30,000. This project will provide the youth of Reality Ministries with beautiful new flooring, tables and chairs, computers, signage and exterior landscaping. WorldLegacy teams focus on projects that benefit children, environment, animals, elderly, family, health, youth and world community. WorldLegacy’s NC150 leadership team selected Reality Ministries through an application process that examined need, potential and philosophical fit. From its inception, Reality Ministries has focused on the overlooked and under-served populations in Durham, beginning with the cognitively impaired. It grew to include not only those with disabilities, but also disadvantaged youth from the inner-city who were flooding into the center every day. Summer camps, weekly programs, and community programs are thriving in the old church building downtown Durham. The NC150 Leadership team invites you to help make this “Extreme Makeover” project possible beginning Thursday, September 25th, 2014 at 7:00 am Eastern Time and extending through Friday,  September 26th, 2014.  Work will start at 7:00 am on both Thursday and Friday. Everyone is invited to come out, make a difference, and have this vision become a reality. The Reality Ministries makeover will send a powerful message to these youth that they matter, are loved, and are valued. WorldLegacy’s NC150 team will celebrate the completion of the project with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, September 29th at 3 pm.