Shaw University

WorldLegacy NC 109 Leadership team decided to make a difference for children at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC. The team spent three months learning stretching and standing for excellence, love and possibility.  The icing on the cake was the project at Shaw University which was indeed an extreme makeover.  Shaw University Center is a 5-star licensed facility and serves 42 low-income children.  It has a capacity for 100 children. They took a brown, mulched yard and transformed it into fun, colorful areas for infants and toddlers to explore the outdoors. The front area was enhanced to make the entrance warm and inviting with the addition of plants, sod, a bench and beautiful potted plants. The infant area was fenced off and was enhanced with an arbor swing, a grassy area, pull-up bars, edible plants and climbing hills. A picnic area was created with sod, a 10′ x 10′ covered sand box with benches, two raised vegetable gardens, a sunflower circle with two small wooden platforms over drains, two teepees, a bird house, a bird bath and feeders, and a rain garden in the bio-retention area. A path was created for the children so that they could dream, transform and explore their world. All of this was accomplished in only two days. The total cost of this project ended up being $65,000. It was indeed an extreme makeover for the community.