Summit House Project

In January of 2008, NC97 chose the Summit House-Piedmont in Greensboro, NC for their project. Summit House serves non-violent female felons who are single Mom’s with children up to age seven. Women are able to live in a residential setting with their children for 18-24 months and receive the services they need to transform their lives. The WorldLegacy leadership project included creating a tranquility courtyard garden, eating area, and a fenced in play yard for the kids. The space was transformed from a dry dirt yard to a peaceful, playful lush garden and play yard where residents can connect with their families. Budget: $30,000.

Letters from Summit House July 11, 2007 Dear WorldLegacy Group NC93:

When the women and I were thinking about what we wanted to say in this letter, “thank you” just didn’t seem to cover what your group has done for Summit House. Most of the mothers here have come from extremely difficult situations, have made poor choices, some have lost children, homes, surely dignity and some of the very essence that makes us feel human. From the very start, from the initial contact with Fran, we began to believe in what you were trying to do. We found it amazing that it came together so quickly and with so much joy and energy. Once in a while people cross our path and bring to us enlightenment, compassion, strength and understanding. Your group holds such people. What struck us most was the giving spirit, the willingness to be there, the generosity of time, energy and resources to make our environment a better place for us and more importantly for our children. Everything we asked for was built, everything we suggested that would make it a safe, comfortable place that we could be with our children and with each other came to life! How do we say thank you? Dawn took the time out of that hectic Saturday to explain to me what WorldLegacy was and what they believed in doing for their communities. When I finally understood who NC93 was, and what they were doing, once again it took my breath away. WorldLegacy is the perfect name. “Our” little piece of paradise at Summit House will live on for countless numbers of women and children whose lives until this point most likely included suffering, insecurity and the kind of sadness that’s hard to describe. We women who live here now want to thank you on the behalf of those to come. We want to let you know that because of what you did, hearts were open to new possibilities, hope and a feeling of fellowship and community spirit that in most cases had been damaged so terribly. In turn, these values are passed on to our children. That’s the real gift. In your own way, when you look into the faces of all of us standing here and our children beside us, you’ll know you played a part in changing our lives for the better. We will say thank you, NC93, Dr. Lori Todd, Dr. Rob Katz and WorldLegacy by passing it on. Love. Women at Summit House

Summit House gets a new playground

From Staff Reports

RALEIGH – A Raleigh program for women convicted of nonviolent crimes opened a new playground Monday.

The Summit House allows women to live with their children and learn life skills as they serve time. Those children now have a playground built and paid for by community volunteers.

A ribbon-cutting Monday afternoon signaled the opening of the playground, which features swings, a basketball court, a walking path, a picnic area and a track for tricycles and Big Wheels, according to a news release.

The project was designed and built by the WorldLegacy, a life-coaching company in Morrisville, using $4,200 of community donations, the release said.

Volunteers cleared an overgrown part of the yard to make room for the playground.
Reprinted with Permission of The News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina.

WorldLegacy Leadership Project at Summit House

I just completed The WorldLegacy Leadership project weekend at Summit House.
This is a place where mothers can go who have committed violent crimes and rehabilitate.  During rehabilitation, mothers and their children under the age of seven, are together in a homelike environment.  We made the place really great  for the families.   We made  a playground, bike path and outdoor family gathering area.  We took something that didn’t exist and turned it into a place of mattering.  I felt like I was an extreme giver.  We raised all of the money and donations which ended up being over  $20,000.  I used every bit of the coaching workshops and distinctions of transformation to be team and create miracles in a short amount of time.  This was indeed a WorldLegacy extreme makeover.

Letters from Summit House July 25, 2007 Dear WorldLegacy Leadership NC93:

July 25, 2007

When I received Dawn’s call on that fateful June 6th morning, I never would have dreamed we’d come this far. Life continues to reveal true miracles as long as we’re ready to receive them and shovel a little mulch! The mastery of commitment, determination, and skill all came together in the manifestation of these live and play grounds.

This has definitely been the quickest, most enjoyable, and without a doubt, the most incredible project I have ever had the pleasure to be involved in. Everyone gave it their all and the families of Summit House are the happy beneficiaries.

 The children want to be on the “playground” all of the time. Some of the moms told me that they go down in the morning before daycare! Can you imagine? These children went from very little yard time because they had nothing to do, to playing morning and night, even longer on the weekends. What a gift! 

The mom’s love it too. They instantly put the patio furniture and grill to work. We brought the grill over on Thursday evening and had a cookout and the moms have cooked out several times since. They are playing with their children, cooking and eating outside; I feel the mental and physical health of our families healing faster already. 

Thank you for everything that you did to bring this dream to fruition. The media coverage and community awareness has been invaluable. Everything that was built in the yard is a true legacy and will last for many, many years, bringing health and joy to countless families as they choose the road away from abuse and addiction and get a second chance in life.

 As a Leadership Team, NC93, you rock!!
With love and respect,
Denna Weston
Assistant Director