WorldLegacy and Family

Wow! I had literally forgotten who I was by the time I went to the WorldLegacy training in Morrisville, NC. I walked in the training a mother of eight with a job I felt stuck working 70 hours a week and a poor relationship with men in general. Through the realization that I am WORTHY of having what I want, I live freely, now! I started taking my home-based WELLNESS business seriously during my Leadership

Program and I never looked back! I now cherish precious moments with my children, knowing the world has more than enough for all of us to thrive. I have a full life, now with friends outside of my profession, and I even date occasionally! I honor men for their greatness, because I allowed myself to forgive them and myself for my past. My children are so much happier with life, now that they see me living abundantly! They go after their passions for the future, right NOW!

After they committed to participating in the WorldLegacy Foundation teen trainings, they’ve taken leadership roles at school and in the community that blow me away! I’m thankful for our environment at The WorldLegacy. It’s where I let my children run free without me standing over them. I am able to trust the graduates to love, rather than harm them. It is the one place where I have found many different people creating oneness that is heart-felt, real, and open! Through the transformation I’ve created at The WorldLegacy, I see my vision of FAMILY WELLNESS in the world more clearly everyday! God bless, WorldLegacy! Tiffany Peterson