WorldLegacy and Powerful Relationships

WorldLegacy Leadership Loving Relationships

I am grateful for taking the Leadership Journey. When I started the workshops I wanted to be more effective in my work, build a loving communication bridge in my relationships (family, job, church). What I got from the Basic Training was so much more than I bargained for.
As a Christian, I had spent many years wanting to grow in areas that I was weak in, most of all insecurity and fear. Insecurity and fear kept me from deep intimate relationships that I felt fulfilled in. Although, I had many friends and gave a lot, many times I felt exhausted. Through the trainings, I saw what was the source of my fears and insecurities and then I got the tools to bust through that and be my true authentic self. This authenticity was a beautiful, powerful, and courageous leader. This was all in just a few weeks and I am still learning lessons.

I enrolled a lot of my friends from church in the training and our relationship with God is stronger. We are committed to building a church that is loving, vibrant, and passionate for God and each other. As a single woman, my purity was very important to me. I got to strengthen my convictions in purity and develop my sexuality as a woman, owning the beauty that God created in me. In the Leadership Program, I got to see and live a life that Jesus must of lived in focusing on others and giving constantly to cause others to be their best and live life to the fullest.

As a 36 year old woman I am finally in a space to be in a committed and loving relationship, my performance and effectiveness at work is incredible, and I created a team that works well together. My relationship with my family has grown phenomenally. My mother even remarked on the amazing growth she has seen in the past year. She said I am a different woman. And what is amazing is that I finally feel after 33 years that I found me and get to be true to my beliefs and self.

The WorldLegacy Trainings were a gift from heaven.