WorldLegacy Journey and Gates Foundation Grant

“Don’t waste your time! They’ll never fund a small project like yours.” Every time I mentioned going after a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant I heard that and if I hadn’t done the WorldLegacy training, I would have listened to this advice and given up. Instead, I used the courage, confidence and skills I found there to win a first-time $990,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the global polio eradication project I directed. With that additional money, we were able to add hundreds of thousand of children to our project and keep them safe from a crippling disease that still threatens children in the developing world with paralysis every year. And now the project staff and associates see that anything is possible! This was an extreme risk and will be an extreme giving project.
I am grateful to what I gained through the Leadership Journey.
Ellen Coates