Camp Royall Extreme Makeover

Camp Royall, a summer camp for individuals with autism, received an extreme makeover by WorldLegacy’s NC 148 leadership team. In only two days, the facility received an upgraded staff lounge, upgraded cabins and a spa appreciation day for the caregivers.

Envision a world in which every human being expresses his or her unique purpose and feels love and appreciation (PRWEB) June 07, 2014
Camp Royall, a camp for individuals with autism, is receiving a powerful transformation of their staff lounge and cabins, as well as a spa appreciation day for their staff. Members of the NC 148 Leadership Team from the WorldLegacy in Chapel Hill, NC are creating an extreme makeover of Camp Royall in only two days. NC 148 envisions a world that is abundant, connected and works for everyone.

This extreme makeover project is the culmination of WorldLegacy’s three-month leadership development program. This project will provide caregivers with a relaxing, upgraded staff lounge area and cabins, where staff members will recapture their energy and inspiration and get much-needed rest. The space will be repainted with an original mural by a professional artist, and will be upgraded with new kitchen appliances, furniture, and storage spaces. The staff members will be provided with a relaxing spa appreciation day that will include manicures, pedicures, massages, and makeovers. Professional photos will be taken of caregivers and campers and then hung in the dining room for daily inspiration.

The NC 148 team chose a project in the domain of caregiving. They believe caregivers are the ones who give love and unconditional support to every human being they touch, and they are also the ones who are in urgent need of care and appreciation themselves. The team selected Camp Royall because it is the largest and the oldest summer camp for children and adults with autism in the United States. Hundreds of children and adults have it as the only place to go to learn how to live with autism and feel loved and connected. They deserve a strong team of inspired, loving, and well-rested caregivers!

In 1997, the Autism Society of North Carolina opened Camp Royall, a 133-acre facility located in Moncure, NC that is near Pittsboro.

The NC 148 Leadership Team envisions this project to be a powerful inspiration and support to caregivers at Camp Royall. Join this makeover project to witness the magic of giving happening that weekend. The completion of the project and ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 22 at 1 pm.