WorldLegacy Extreme Giver Kay Reibold

WorldLegacy Leadership Graduate Kay Reibold is indeed an extreme giver. She has worked on behalf of the Montagnard indigenous people of Vietnam’s Central Highlands for over 20 years, including 17 trips to Vietnam during the time she was the Director of the Vietnam Highlands Assistance Project for Lutheran Family Services in the Carolinas from 1989-2003. She is the Project Development Specialist for the Montagnard Human Rights Organization, based in Raleigh, North Carolina,

She has been a refugee advocate with unrelenting love and commitment. She has received three national awards for her contribution to refugee advocacy and human rights. Her earlier career as a writer and producer involved extensive research in China, Japan, the U.S., and Vietnam, including public television documentaries shot on-location in these countries. Two programs depicting the Montagnard people of Vietnam’s Central Highlands, Remembering the King of Fire and Living in Exile, were broadcast on PBS.

Kay remarked that when she visited she saw the people living in poverty. Even with poverty, the Montagnards still offered what little they had each time she visited the tribal people of Vietnam’s central highlands.”They have so much compassion and love and genuine friendliness for me,” she said. “They had very few chickens, and so to have a pig sacrificed or a chicken sacrificed in my honor was such an example of friendship and hospitality.”

In November 2001, Kay Reibold was a member of NC48 WorldLegacy Leadership Program in NC and afterward went on to do the WorldLegacy LP PhD program. She was also a senior coach for a WorldLegacy Leadership program. She had many trainers and coaches at WorldLegacy which were grateful to be able to coach such a powerful woman with a vision.
In 2005, Kay received the 2005 Unsung Heroines Award from Sen. Elizabeth Dole, who nominated her. In 2006 she testified at a U.S. Congressional Hearing on Vietnam. Kay Reibold is a WorldLegacy Extreme Giver.