Victorious Praise Church

The WorldLegacy NC133 “I Have a Dream” Extreme Makeover Project Coming from a stand of unity, freedom, love, and empowerment, WorldLegacy’s NC133 created an amazing project for the Victorious Community Development Corporation’s youth development center in Durham, NC. The youth development center was operating out of a trailer in the back of Victorious Praise church and was supposed to function as a place where kids could come after school to do homework and get tutoring. We committed to doing major body work on the trailer that was needed for it to be in excellence and providing it with 10 new computers, a handicap ramp, closet space, 60 chairs, and new appliances. The project amounted to about $35,000 and enrolled about 50 committed volunteers. The work was done in only 48 hours. Involving the community involved serious connection on my part to bring forth the vision in mind and make givers out of our community members!  Jenn Price

This invitation is extended to you from the NC133 Leadership team of the WorldLegacy in Morrisville, NC. The WorldLegacy is an adult education company, providing workshops and personal coaching for individuals who wish to become extraordinary and make a profound impact on our planet.

The Leadership Program is a three-month program designed to develop skills in leadership, enrollment and service. As part of the program, each Leadership team designs and completes a substantial project that leaves a tangible, lasting contribution to the community. The team has the challenge of involving community members, not using any of their own money, and completing the project in one weekend. Most projects have budgets that exceed $30,000.

As the 133rd Leadership team, we have chosen to partner with the Victorious Community Development Corporation (VCDC) in Durham, NC. The VCDC is a 501c3 non-profit that provides outreach services to over 200 youth and families in the community. Most of these services are provided out of a trailer that is in desperate need of repair. The current flooring and walls have holes. The computers are far outdated, and most not even working. The food pantry is in need of work. The entire interior requires painting. The bathroom needs to be repaired and connected to the city line. The aluminum siding around the bottom of the trailer needs to be replaced as well. There is great need!

Our ultimate goal with this project is not only to aid the VCDC in providing much needed services, but to also create a profound and lasting impact on the community of Durham and the world. These youth are our future leaders and will shape our world for generations. Join us in this effort to give back to our youth and community.

We are reaching out to you today to ask for your support in realizing this dream. There are several ways that you can contribute:

Donations – Our team will not be using ANY of our own money and are relying on local businesses, organizations, and individuals to have this happen.
Volunteering – All of the work will be completed in just one weekend and volunteers are needed for all kinds of work: skilled labor, painting, etc.

Sharing – If you are unable to donate your time or money you can still help!