Little Berries Daycare

NC175 Leadership team’s vision is a connected world where everyone is free and live in peace. We envision our world where people respect each other, are authentic and have full self-expression.  Our children get to grow up with an abundance of love, resources, and food.  The team chose to completely renovate a kitchen and paint three classrooms of the Little Berries Daycare Center in Brooklyn, NY.  The team provided children with a space of excellence where they can be inspired to study and develop their knowledge, imagination and skills.  The remodeled kitchen allows the staff to easily cook food for the children.

The work performed included:  Removal of all old kitchen cabinetry and flooring, painting of the kitchen, and installation of ceramic tile floor, new cabinets, sink, countertops, dishwasher, and refrigerator.  The walls were painted in three classrooms, 20 curtains were installed, and five carpets were provided.  In addition, the daycare was given 50 new books and 25 new toys.  Total Budget:  $28,800. See Press Release.