Woman’s Rehabilitation and Counseling Center

In January of 2009, WorldLegacy’s NC106 Leadership team chose the Woman’s Rehabilitation and Counseling Center in Florida for their project. This facility provides a home for up to a year for woman and children who are transitioning in life. This amazing WorldLegacy Leadership project included renovating the front lobby including putting in new flooring, painting, rearranging the main desk to face the front door, replaced old furniture with new, and added motion detector, lights and a bright front porch light. A beautiful recreation room was created from what once was a storage room. The room was deep cleaned and painted, brand new furniture was brought in, and the big screen TV and DVD were hooked up. A kid’s corner was created complete with TV, DVD, an over 30 DVD library of Disney movies, games, kid’s furniture, and custom hand painted murals on the walls. The overgrown garden was cleaned up and replanted. The non-working bathrooms were repaired and are now functional. An open and cheerful space was created where the woman and children can enjoy time together or with visitors. To top it all off, two new desks and computers were installed in the library, complete with Office Suite software and internet connection. These computers give the kids the ability to complete school assignments and the moms the ability to search and apply for jobs and practice office skills. Budget $35,000.

Battered Women’s Shelter Testimonial

I am Gerald Parker and I am the NC 106BE Extraordinary leadership team. WE, the extraordinary NC106 Leaders created an awesome WorldLegacy Leadership project in Orlando, Florida at a Battered Women’s Shelter. We honored these women by refurbishing an old room that wasn’t being used into an all-in-one entertainment room fully furnished with Couches, a big screen TV with a DVD player stocked with Children’s and Family Videos. Also, we supplied toys and games for the children to use in this room as well. We had an artist come and paint create a mural on the walls of this room as well. Also, these women did not have an easy avenue for applying for jobs and letting their children to their school work so we created a small Computer Lab for them to use with donated computers and networking equipment. The resident’s were elated to be able to use these computers. We installed new flooring in the lobby as well as installed flood lighting outside to provide safety. All of these things were done in 48 Hours! If that kind of giving can happen in 48 hours, what about a week? A month? A year? Be a giver in the world and miracles will be created. I know the residents of that shelter are thankful for our that.