WorldLegacy Workshop Supported My Career

Easily the best investment that I ever made in myself is the money I spent on the Basic – Advanced – Leadership Program that WorldLegacy offers. What I learned from this WorldLegacy experience changed the dynamics of every relationship and career experience I have had since!!! My marriage is more honest and caring. My art educational career is a positive experience in my life and my focus is clear; to create an art educational experience that will amplify my students’ greatness and their vision of themselves. The experiential nature of the workshops enabled me to see in 3-D how my way of looking at life was working; it was OK but I never felt fulfilled or comfortable — or particularly happy. Using the tools of WorldLegacy brought me to a clearer awareness of my greatness and everybody else’s greatness!! It got me in touch with what REALLY mattered to me: my family, my work, my personal peace of mind, and my ability to affect change in the world. Irene Talton, Retired Teacher, Raleigh, NC