Youth Crisis Center, Jacksonville, Florida

WorldLegacy’s NC192 Leadership Team’s vision is a united world filled with peace, freedom, and an abundance of love. We are committed to a world where everyone is safe, and free to be their authentic selves. When people live as one, they take care of one another as though we are one big family; children roam freely and safely, people treat each other equally.

We chose to manifest our vision by creating a healing space at the Youth Crisis Center in Jacksonville, Florida. This space will now provide a safe and welcoming place for individuals who have gone through trauma and are seeking professional assistance. The space is used for those in crisis care, mental health counseling, skill-based group training, and/or those attending transitional living service programs. Our mission is to assist and promote safety, acceptance, and awareness for people navigating the mental/brain health journey. We are committed to people being seen and heard.

Our team renovated a 1162 square foot room. The renovation included painting the entire room, installing new commercial carpet, repairing, and repainting the cabinets, and providing 12 commercial grade tables and 70 commercial grade banquet chairs. In addition, the team created six framed inspirational quotes for the walls.

Budget: $16,416 March 2023.